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How to Plant for Pollinators

This page is a comprehensive guide on how to create a pollinator habitat. Anyone can use this as a resource! If you are a Lawns to Legumes grantee, there is additional information you need to know highlighted in yellow boxes.

Pursuing the Cosmos with Youth and Owls

The following essay is a personal reflection by environmental educator Nick Voss. Voss is the Education & Outreach Coordinator at the Vadnais Lake Area Water Management Organization Photo of Fort Snelling State Park. This is a story of a day camp at Fort Snelling State Park, but it’s also a story of the cosmos, and of…  Read More

Landscape Revival Exhibitors

Minnesota Dragonfly Society Ensuring the conservation of Minnesota’s dragonflies and damselflies through research and education.  

Reddy Rents Hiawatha

Your locally owned and operated equipment rental resource. Reddy Rents specializes in rental equipment for construction, landscaping, and building maintenance as well as trucks, trailers, and cars. We strive to deliver exceptional customer service and meet our customer’s needs with top quality, well-maintained equipment, and vehicles. Our customers have been both homeowners and contractors in…  Read More

Purchase the Blue Thumb Guide to Raingardens

The Blue Thumb Guide to Raingardens: Design and Installation for Homeowners in the Upper Midwest A Guide for Planting Zones 3, 4, and 5 This 81 page book provides easy to follow directions, templates, and plant information to help you create your own raingarden – turning rainwater into an asset for your yard, while adding…

Mobilizing Minnesotans to Protect Pollinators

In 2020 many Minnesotans enthusiastically rose to the challenge of protecting pollinators in their yards through Lawns to Legumes, a state Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) program to empower people towards a more sustainable and pollinator-friendly Minnesota. Blue Thumb was selected to help put the program into action. A major goal of  L2L…  Read More

Environmental Justice Hub

The Environmental Justice Hub (EJ Hub) is intended to be a co-created space to advance both personal and professional knowledge, understanding, language, and applications of equitable practices. This network of environmental professionals and community members aims to create a multi-level framework of our leadership, our partners, and our broader community that centers understanding and accountability…