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Helping Wildlife Overwinter

Late autumn in the pollinator garden is bittersweet. As flowers fade into shrunken seed heads and trees drop vibrant carpets of leaves, a silence settles in the air. Summer’s buzz…  Read More

Protecting Lakes with Native Plants

Kat Dickerson is like any other Minnesotan—she loves jumping headfirst into a lake. But during her old job as a water quality monitor, there were some lakes she refused to…  Read More

person bent over planting in garden

Fall: A Great Time for Native Planting

Cooler mornings, yellow-tinged leaves—the first signs of fall are in the air. As summer’s blooms begin to wane and the warm hues of goldenrods and grasses take their place, it…  Read More

black-eyed Susans in yard

Workshops & Online Learning

Beautify your landscape while planting for clean water and pollinator habitat. Resilient Yards workshops give participants the skills to create their own raingardens, native plantings, pollinator habitat, and more. Use our free online learning series, register for a live virtual workshop, or do both! While registering for the Resilient Yards Online Learning Series or a live workshop, you can choose…

2021 Workshops Coming Soon

February 23, 2021 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

We’re chugging away, planning our 2021 workshop season. If you’d like to be notified when we launch the registration, please sign up for the Metro Blooms E-Newsletter here. Otherwise, we’ll…  Read More

Partnership Information

How Blue Thumb Partnership Works The Blue Thumb Partnership is a network of clean water and native plant stewards creating change by bridging the gap between knowledge and action, offering resources and programs to Minnesotan residents. We lead the way in changing landscaping norms among professionals, property owners, and renters. We aspire to clean water resources…

Support Blue Thumb

Blue Thumb is a program of the non-profit Metro Blooms. Your volunteer hours, donation, or sponsorship with Metro Blooms helps support our Blue Thumb programming and resource development. You can follow our work by subscribing to the Metro Blooms newsletter.