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Lawns to Legumes and MCAD Art Partnership

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) is one of the many partners helping to realize Lawns to Legumes, a Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) program offering grants, workshops, coaching and other help for Minnesota residents to create habitat for pollinators in their yards. Blue Thumb manages the individual support part of Lawns to Legumes. Through a collaboration involving MCAD, BWSR and Metro Blooms/Blue Thumb, artists in MCAD’s Entrepreneurial Studies program have created images and promotional strategies to help promote Lawns to Legumes. Look out for their artwork on our websites and social media throughout the year! Learn more about the current artists(s) we’re featuring below. You can follow our latest posts on Facebook and Instagram.


Artist Kaila Larson

Graduated December 2019

Work centers around dogs, nature, ideas of home, belonging, and grief. Works most often in watercolor, colored pencil, and ink.

“I want people to know that their individual contribution does make a difference. A flower box or a garden can help pollinators immensely, and your yard can look busy and beautiful in the process.”

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Instagram: hellogloomer

Artist Aaron Bennett


 Primarily makes character-based illustrations, often for a younger audience; works mostly digitally. 

“I wanted to show people that bees are these amazing little creatures that bring with them beautiful and lush plants that we sometimes take for granted.”


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Instagram: aaron_illo

Artist Diane Guzman


Mostly works in digital: “I primarily create women/(POC)-based illustrations that include a lot of botanical elements.”

“Our world is changing drastically and we need to be the best that we can be to help save it and the living animals in it as well, in this case the rusty patched bumble bees.”

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Instagram: dtheartista