EJ Hub Intention Statements

Below are the full intention statements: the survey below refers to them in the same order, using some highlights while not pretending to be all-inclusive. Please read through the full statements before prioritizing them.

  1. Create impactful resources to begin conversations about equity without alienating folks who may not be too familiar with the concept. Make equity resources accessible to people working in the environmental field on a daily basis.
  2. Create a more inclusive space for people who haven’t been in environmental decision-making rooms but are disproportionately impacted by environmental hazards.
  3. Create connections and identify pathways to equitable leadership in appointed, elected, hired and contracted positions in environmental organizations and agencies.
  4. Prioritize BIPOC community engagement as a process to make better decisions that incorporate the interests and concerns of all affected stakeholders.
  5. Create alternative and multilingual ways of sharing environmental knowledge and connection to the land (via stories, multimedia, etc..) and work to preserve culture in times of crisis and change with intercultural communities.
  6. Navigate uncomfortable conversations, create connections and undertake and encourage actions that build trust and accountability measures into the process among all participants.