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Raingardens serves as water filters collecting polluted stormwater before it reaches our waters. Did you know that stormwater runoff carries leaves, grass clippings, fertilizers and pesticides from streets and rooftops that are contaminating your lakes and rivers? The easiest way to help water infiltrate into the ground rather than run off into storm sewers is by creating a raingarden. Strategically place your garden on a site that will intercept rain water runoff. If constructed properly, the garden will drain the water within two days.   


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The Blue Thumb Guide to Raingardens – Design and Installation for Homeowners in the Upper Midwest is a valuable raingarden reference guide for homeowners and professional designers. Thoroughly researched and beautifully illustrated, the book is approachable for beginners, yet contains detailed information for landscape professionals. It contains easy-to-follow instructions on: How to locate, size, and design raingardens, Preparing the soil and garden bed, Selecting and installing plants, Care and maintenance, Example garden plans for almost any setting, Water depth tolerances for over 100 plants. The plants profiled in the book are from Zones 3, 4, and 5 in the Midwest.  

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Organizations interested in wholesale or large volume orders, please email Waterdrop Innovations LLC at raingardens@yahoo.com.  


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