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Sustainable Landcare Training

Demand for a skilled workforce in our corner of the green economy is growing. We’re seeing more and more earth-friendly practices in our landscapes, like rain gardens and other strategies for managing stormwater and native plantings that protect pollinators. We need people to take care of them. The Sustainable Landcare Training program provides youth and young adults with job-ready skills to care for these practices in their communities and lays a foundation for next-step education and career pathways in environmental work. This is a paid learning experience; we want to remove barriers to participating in this training opportunity, especially in communities that could benefit most from this investment.
Meet participants and find out what they gained from the Sustainable Landcare Training program: 

Some Things You Learn in the Program

How the Program Works

We partner with community and environmental organizations and local governments to offer this training to local young people, tailoring the program to each partner’s needs. We help our partners deliver the virtual learning experience. Then participants get hands-on experience with our expert staff and community partners at a local project site.

Who Else Is This Training For?

We also offer this program for people already working in the field. Are you or your staff required to inspect, report on, and maintain rain gardens and native plantings? You could benefit from this training. Please reach out with any questions.

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