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Map Your Pollinator Project

Lawns to Legumes Individual Support Cost Share Grantees

For grantees who are requesting reimbursement, click here to go to the grantee reimbursement page.

Self-Installed Pollinator Habitat (not funded by Lawns to Legumes)

Fill out the form below, selecting the appropriate “No” answer to the first question, and get your planting on the map. You may receive a Lawns to Legumes yard sign depending on availability. We are trying to capture involvement of do-it-yourself pollinator habitat creation. And last but not least, thank you for helping in the effort to save the rusty patched bumble bee and other pollinators!

Lawns to Legumes Demonstration Neighborhood Participants

For residents who were awarded funding under a Demonstration Neighborhood grant, please select the appropriate “No” answer to the first question, and work with your project manager for reimbursement requests or other questions. Blue Thumb is not coordinating any Demonstration Neighborhood projects.

Once you’ve submitted the data above, please map your project thru the link below. After clicking the button, hit “Map It” in the bottom right corner. Then, enter your address or zoom and scroll to your residence, and click on the green square bee icon in the upper left of the map. Then, on the right side of the map, select one of the two bee options depending if our project was funded by Lawns to Legumes or if it was a DIY project. Lastly, click on the map in the area of your project to add it to the map! A bee should show up that documents your project, with space for you to add a few small details.

Map Your Project