Changing Shoreline Norms

On a summer day at Lake Minnewashta, Conservation Corps of Minnesota & Iowa and Metro Blooms Design+Build crew members gathered in a resident’s yard to remove a large patch of…  Read More

Identifying Native Plants

Minnesota native plants play foundational roles in our local ecosystems. They strengthen soil, improve water quality, and support pollinators and other native wildlife. Perhaps you’ve added some native plants to…  Read More

Summer Maintenance for Pollinator Gardens

Native plants are hardy. Well-adapted to Minnesota’s harsh winters and summer heat, they don’t need much care to thrive. Once established, they provide food for pollinators, strengthen soil, and clean…  Read More

Lawn Care for Pollinators: Beyond No Mow May

Minnesota bees are rising from their winter slumber. Some native bees overwinter underground; others are cavity-nesters and find refuge in hollow sticks and stems. Different bee species emerge at different…  Read More

Celebrating Lawns to Legumes

Lawns to Legumes projects have kickstarted countless neighborhood conversations around planting for pollinators.  “We had so many people pass by while we were working,” one participant shared. “I am inviting…  Read More

Protecting Lakes with Native Plants

Kat Dickerson is like any other Minnesotan—she loves jumping headfirst into a lake. But during her old job as a water quality monitor, there were some lakes she refused to…  Read More