Request Reimbursement for your Lawns to Legumes Individual Support Grant

L2L Individual Support Cost-Share Grantees

The deadline for Spring 2023 grantees to submit their projects is July 15. We are not accepting reimbursement requests at this time.

See the list of Eligible Expenses and Acceptable Vegetation.

After you’ve submitted the data above, please map your project thru the link below. After clicking the button, hit “Map It” in the bottom right corner. Then, enter your address or zoom and scroll to your residence, and click on the green square bee icon in the upper left of the map. Then, on the right side of the map, select one of the two bee options depending if our project was funded by Lawns to Legumes or if it was a DIY project. Lastly, click on the map in the area of your project to add it to the map! A bee should show up that documents your project, with space for you to add a few small details.

Map Your Project