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Halberdleaf Rosemallow
Hibiscus laevis

Rose Mallow flowers have beautiful pink petals that darken towards the center, coming into full bloom in mid-summer. It does best in sunny conditions and wetter soils.

USDA symbol: HILA2

General Information

Plant TypeForb
Height5 to 7 feet
Light ExposureSun, Part Sun
Soil MoistureWet
Bloom ColorWhite, Pink, Red
Halberdleaf Rosemallow (Halberdleaf Rosemallow<div><em class="small">Hibiscus laevis</em></div>)
Photo credit: Minnesota Wildflowers (Click to enlarge)


Flooding / Inundation ToleranceHigh
General Resilience7
Salt ToleranceNone
Stress ToleranceFire Tolerant

Pollinator Value: High

Bloom MonthsJune to August
Pollinator BenefitInsect Pollinated, Provides Nectar, Supports Generalists

Project Planning

Project TypeRain Garden
Coefficient of Conservatism4
Herbivore SensitivityLow
Rate of SpreadMedium
Soil StabilizationShallow
Vegetative ReproductionAbsent


CountyRamsey, Washington, Winona
EcoregionDriftless Area, Western Cornbelt Plains
Approximate Eco ProvinceEastern Broadleaf Forest, Prairie Parkland