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Wild Petunia
Ruellia humilis

Wild Petunia produces beautiful lavender blooms in the peak of summer’s hot and dry period, providing an important food source for pollinators including long-tongued bees and butterflies. A resilient species, it can handle a range of condition and works well as a ground cover.

USDA symbol: RUHU

General Information

Plant TypeForb
Height1 to 2 feet
Light ExposureSun
Soil MoistureDry, Medium
Bloom ColorPurple
Wild Petunia (Wild Petunia<div><em class="small">Ruellia humilis</em></div>)
Photo credit: United States Department of Agriculture (Click to enlarge)


Flooding / Inundation ToleranceLow
General Resilience5
Salt ToleranceMedium
Stress ToleranceDrought Tolerant, General Disturbance

Pollinator Value: Low

Bloom MonthsJuly to September
Larval Host ofButterflies
Specific Pollinators HostedJunonia coenia
Pollinator BenefitInsect Pollinated, Provides Nectar, Supports Generalists

Project Planning

Project TypeErosion Control, Restoration
Coefficient of Conservatism5
Herbivore SensitivityLow
Rate of SpreadMedium
Soil StabilizationDeep
Vegetative ReproductionClonal


EcoregionDriftless Area, Western Cornbelt Plains
Approximate Eco ProvinceEastern Broadleaf Forest, Prairie Parkland