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Low Maintenance Turf

What is Low Maintenance Turf? Low maintenance turf functions as a typical lawn but is made up of species that require less water, fertilizers, pesticides, and mowing than Kentucky bluegrass. Most low maintenance lawns are a mix of fine and/or tall fescues, both cool season grasses that are shade and drought tolerant. The benefits of…

pollinator garden

DIY Planting Guide

If any of these apply to you, a native plant garden may be the solution: There are areas in your yard where grass doesn’t want to grow There are areas in your yard that aren’t used You enjoy seeing pollinators like birds, bees, butterflies, and more You want to make a difference in protecting our…

Shady yard with dry creek bed and plants

Native Plants That Grow in Maple Shade

Maple trees can be wonderful denizens of the urban landscape, growing quickly to provide shade in the summer and glorious colors in the fall. But many home gardeners are challenged…  Read More

Blue Thumb Job Board

Job seekers, please follow any links below to find more information about job opportunities. Blue Thumb Partners and others are encouraged to share open positions with us. Please email your job listing information to

Pelican River Watershed District Grants

Cost Share Program The Pelican River Watershed District is providing cost share financial assistance for low-cost projects to promote efforts that protect and improve water and natural resources. Cost share funds can be used by public or private landowners within the District for implementing projects that assist in one or all of the following: Protect…

Become a Blue Thumb Partner

How Blue Thumb Partnership Works The Blue Thumb Partnership is a network of clean water and native plant stewards creating change by bridging the gap between knowledge and action by offering resources and programs to Minnesotan residents. On our website you’ll find resources on native plants, designers to consult on a landscape renovation, where to…

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Metro Blooms Design + Build

Metro Blooms Design + Build provides high-quality, resilient, and sustainable landcare services for residential and commercial landscapes. We offer design, installation, landcare and maintenance and inspection and reporting services.