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Sweet Coneflower
Rudbeckia subtomentosa

a.k.a. Brown-eyed Susan

Native, perennial herb with very attractive, yellow flower heads in profusion atop dark green, glossy leaves. Grows in bunches. Well suited for many restorations of stream banks, ditches, prairies, and other sites with peat, heavy, or sandy soil. A beautiful plant for landscape designs and rain water gardens.

USDA symbol: RUSU

General Information

Plant TypeForb
Height3 to 4 feet
Light ExposureSun, Part Sun
Soil MoistureMedium
Bloom ColorYellow
Sweet Coneflower (Sweet Coneflower<div><em class="small">Rudbeckia subtomentosa</em></div>)
Photo credit: United States Department of Agriculture (Click to enlarge)


Flooding / Inundation ToleranceModerate
General Resilience7
Salt ToleranceMedium
Stress ToleranceGeneral Disturbance

Pollinator Value: Very High

Bloom MonthsJuly to August
Larval Host ofBees
Specific Pollinators HostedNumerous bee species
Pollinator BenefitInsect Pollinated, Provides Nectar, Supports Generalists

Project Planning

Project TypeSandy or Engineered Soils, Shoreline Buffer
Coefficient of Conservatism7
Herbivore SensitivityLow
Rate of SpreadSlow
Soil StabilizationShallow
Vegetative ReproductionClonal