Map Your Completed Project

Map an Existing Planting or Request Reimbursement for an L2L Individual Support Grant

L2L Individual Support Cost Share Grantees

For residents who were awarded Individual Support grant funding, please fill out information below for reimbursement and mapping, selecting the appropriate “Yes” answer to the first question below.

Self-Installed Pollinator Habitat (not funded by Lawns to Legumes)

Fill out the form below, selecting the appropriate “No” answer to the first question, and get your planting on the map. You may receive a Lawns to Legumes yard sign depending on availability. We are trying to capture involvement of Do-It-Yourself pollinator habitat creation. And last but not least, thank you for helping in the effort to save the Rusty Patched Bumblebee and other pollinators!

L2L Demonstration Neighborhood Participants

For residents who were awarded funding under a Demonstration Neighborhood grant, please select the appropriate “No” answer to the first question, and work with your project manager for reimbursement requests or other questions. Blue Thumb is not coordinating any Demonstration Neighborhood projects.


Glossary of Terms


L2L Lawns to Legumes

L2L Demonstration Neighborhood one of 13 community-based projects run by local government or organizations in cooperation with BWSR.

L2L Individual Support Cost Share a reimbursable grant up to $350, with grantees selected from entries to this form on

Reimbursable Expenses Cost-share recipients can be reimbursed for any eligible expense. Work related to non-native species, unrelated landscaping, or projects conducted prior to receiving cost-share approval do not qualify for reimbursement.

BWSR Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, the state agency coordinating the Lawns to Legumes program.

Once you’ve submitted the data above, please map your project below. First enter your address or zoom and scroll to your residence, then click on the green square bee icon. Then select one of the two bee options depending if our project was funded by Lawns to Legumes or if it was a DIY project. Then click on the map in the area of your project to add it to the map! A bee should show up that documents your project.