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About the Plant Finder

Back to the Plant Finder Tool The Blue Thumb Plant Finder is a tool to help people find Minnesota native plants that will thrive where they’re planted. It is composed of plants that are generally commercially available, and can be used to create planting plans for all types of projects. The state of Minnesota does…

Identifying Native Plants

Minnesota native plants play foundational roles in our local ecosystems. They strengthen soil, improve water quality, and support pollinators and other native wildlife. Perhaps you’ve added some native plants to…  Read More

Protecting Lakes with Native Plants

Kat Dickerson is like any other Minnesotan—she loves jumping headfirst into a lake. But during her old job as a water quality monitor, there were some lakes she refused to…  Read More

Pocket Plantings

Pocket Plantings are a great way to introduce biodiversity in your yard. Starting small makes the project more manageable. It’s also easier to care for your garden as it establishes.…  Read More

Changing Shoreline Norms

On a summer day at Lake Minnewashta, Conservation Corps of Minnesota & Iowa and Metro Blooms Design+Build crew members gathered in a resident’s yard to remove a large patch of…  Read More

Lawn Care for Pollinators: Beyond No Mow May

Minnesota bees are rising from their winter slumber. Some native bees overwinter underground; others are cavity-nesters and find refuge in hollow sticks and stems. Different bee species emerge at different…  Read More

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Blue Thumb Featured Sponsor: Organic Lawns by LUNSETH Plant Finder Tool Blue Thumb Resources (Plant Lists, Design Templates, & More) 6/13 In-Person Rain Garden Maintenance Workshop with RCWD (Roseville) All Spring Workshops Resilient Yards Online Learning Series MN BWSR May Featured Plant: Red Columbine Spring 2024 Native Plants Sales in MN 6/1 Landscape Revival Native…

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How Blue Thumb Partnership Works The Blue Thumb Partnership is a state-wide network of clean water and native plant stewards creating change to bridge the gap between knowledge and action by offering resources and programs to Minnesotans. Blue Thumb Partners include local governmental units, non-profit organizations, and private companies all working toward the same goals. The Blue Thumb Partnership supports…